Independent Oncology Practice in Durbanville



Independent Oncology Practice in Durbanville


Excellent academic qualifications and clinical experience in Oncology, a keen
interest in people and a willingness to communicate, a service which is well
appreciated by Dr. Nelius van Eeden's patients and colleagues.

Oncology Services Offered

  • Staging of the disease and holistic assessment of the situation for the patient, with involvement of closest relative or caregiver.
  • Thorough discussion of the treatment options for the person diagnosed with cancer to empower him/her to make an informed decision.
  • All adult solid cancers can be treated. Radiotherapy, stereotactic- and  body radio surgery can be executed.
  • All aspects of medical oncology are incorporated, with chemotherapy, immunotherapy, biological target therapy and anti hormonal therapy, as part of the holistic approach.
  • Follow up and assistance with cancer related complications if and as required – Dr van Eeden will see and assist the patient for the duration of the illness or treatment.
  • Cancer Pain control
  • Excellent cooperation with a team of colleagues for surgical, radiological and pathological expert opinion. Access to counselling (social worker, dietitian) and specialised nursing services.

Dr PC van Eeden
Clinical Oncologist
Mmed Rad.T (Stell)

For appointments:
Tel:  +27 21 975 5275 
Cell: +27 82 66 222 08

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Prescribes to SAOC guidelines